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Founded in 1995, Kim Jia Ying Metal Jewelry Co., Ltd. is located in the Second Industrial Zone, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City. We are a Taiwan-funded enterprise specializing in development, design, mold, production and sales. With complete and modern production equipment, quality management system and experienced design and development technical team, it has more than 20 years of experience in hardware jewelry manufacturing.

We focus on the production of various metal handicrafts, stamping handicrafts, die-casting handicrafts, corrosion handicraft manufacturing, and customized metal products. The factory has a mature production line, including design and drawing, molding, stamping, polishing, electroplating, coloring, packaging. All processes are completed in the factory, and the quality of each processed product is thoroughly controlled and delivered on time.

At present, our main products can be divided into the following categories: badges, sports event finisher medals, belt buckles, commemorative coins, straps, cufflinks, tie clips, beer openers, tokens, game coins, metal key rings, Signs, bookmark clips, nameplates, pet dog tags and other metal hardware accessories are widely used in: enterprises, groups, commerce, associations, institutions, associations, public welfare, tourism and other related metal craft gifts peripheral accessories.

Customer satisfaction is our standard. We pursue excellence and do what we are best at. Stable and good quality, competitive prices and continuous service are the foundation of the company. In addition, Kim Jia Ying has always been dedicated to environmental protection and control of waste gas. , prohibits the discharge of waste water and other pollution, and has passed a number of factory inspection certifications, actively implements social responsibilities in various aspects such as green environmental protection, employee care, economic sustainability and business ethics, and pursues environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Looking forward to the future, we will not forget our original intention, continue to improve production technology, and provide better quality metal handicrafts. We aim to meet customers' requirements for quality, and believe that quality determines the value of products. Facing the future and looking at the world; we will continue to pay attention to environmental protection and employee care, practice what is taken from the society and use it in the society, and implement the CSR corporate responsibility to society. Let us move forward hand in hand and develop together.

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